Friday, December 18, 2009

Aphrodite Needs a Temple Like THIS

I'm not saying a modern temple built in honor of our Golden Lady needs to be as big as the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. I mean, even the original Parthenon was a giant among temples. I am saying, though, that I most heartily believe that Our Lady of Delectable Beauty deserves a contemporary temple worthy of pilgrimage and celebration.

I'm putting this intention out to the Universe, because it is a goal that I want to see realized before too many more years have passed. I believe that a replica of one of Aphrodite's temples could be both a tourist destination and a site of religious observance, just as the modern Parthenon is. Of course, I am more interested in a center for the cultus than I am in establishing a money-maker, but I would be open to compromise if the latter funds the former.

Being entirely in my hands, I would recreate something akin to the Cnidos temple -- an oval shaped area rimmed with a colonnade, a floor mosaic of the Aphrodite Acidailia (of the Bath), a reflecting pool, an incense altar, and a remake of Praxiteles's bathing Aphrodite.

Yep. I want it to exist.


nataliewitch said...

Just dreaming, but here are some design elements that already exist!

Custom columns:

Aphrodite mosaic:
(I could totally make one of these given the proper materials!)

Gorgeous two-toned marble garden-sized Aphrodite statue:

Laurelei said...

I like the way you think, my sweet. *playing with design elements*