Friday, March 19, 2010

Hemera Aphrodites

This is also the 4th day of the new lunar month, which is Aphrodite's day each month. So, this is an especially auspicious time to do something loving and beautiful.

Joe, Natalie and I are headed down to Our Haven later, and I will be cleaning up the Sanctuary of Venus Erycina, established on the land by my good friends Lissa and Mike Manor. Mount Eryx was a place that once housed a Temple of Aphrodite, later a Temple of Venus, and it became a place of interesting syncretism for many religions -- Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Carthiginian. There, they all worshiped the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

My own little statue of Aphrodite has stood as a votive offering in the clearing at the Sanctuary of Venus Erycina at Our Haven since last year's festival season. I'm going to clean it up tomorrow and paint it, as part of my monthly devotions to Her. This is the first time since Winter Solstice that I will have been on the land.

I plan on making plenty of libations and other offerings, and I will take pictures of the statue.

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