Thursday, April 22, 2010


I had a wonderful Aphrodisian experience last night with a friend I am making online. "Chryseis" is a devotee of  golden Aphrodite, and we had a very loving and connected moment -- the first of what I am sure will be many. By many standards, the conversation could be termed "innocent." Though we discussed and even played out (online) a very titillating and taboo fantasy, the conversation never went so far as to mention body parts below the neck. (Isn't it amazing how erotic the simplest things can be, if we let them?)

The only manner in which I have received money for Aphrodisian work in the past has been through the sale of my books. However, sweet Chryseis made a very generous donation to the Goddess through me. Interestingly, I see this as a turning point for me -- the point at which the term "Sacred Prostitute" really has literal meaning for me.

Don't get me wrong. I claimed the title with pride before now, and I think deservedly so. I have worked with devotees in an erotic capacity in the past, and I have been one of the "qadishtu" presenters at the Babalon Rising festival for the last few years. I've just never sought (nor received) any direct donations to the work of Aphrodite, as I do it, from those with whom I've worked.

Chryseis' generous and loving donation is going to make possible the addition of a statue of Aphrodite at Our Haven, the sacred/festival land that I help care for. Specifically, I am going to put a replica of the Venus of Medici at the Aphrodite Shrine near the Great Rite altar.

And in posting about Chryseis' generosity to my facebook profile today, another Aphrodisian has decided to donate money for flowers to go to the site as well.

I am honored and moved right now beyond rational thought. I am so pleased to be one of the priestess of Aphrodite and to help with her work in the world. Each priestess and actively-honoring devotee that I have come to know has a beauty and grace of spirit that is stunning.

Thank you, Chryseis and Ellen!

My praise and love to Aphrodite!!


Elle Hull said...

What a wonderful gift!! She always provides the way for us. :)

mamiel said...

Thank you for all the work you have done to create a space of beauty that she deserves.

Golden Aphrodite has blessed me thousands of times over, throughout my life. She is in my thoughts often and I always hope that someday I can show her devotion beyond the humble weekly offerings I make in my home.

So you are living my dream! Thank you!

Don't forget to send me an address on FB so I know where to send a check.

Laurelei said...

Aphrodite is such a gracious lady that I know she accepts all of our humble weekly offerings with love and joy. I believe this with my deepest core.