Friday, April 23, 2010

Humble Offerings

Despite the generosity (and I might even say "grandeur") of the offerings to Aphrodite that have recently passed through my hands, I will admit that most of my own offerings are "humble." As a priestess, other devotees have given me the charge of delivering their votives or sacrifices to Kypris, and I have stood as witness in the temple while others have made their offerings directly. On four occasions, now, I have been able to offer Her a book that I wrote in Her honor. But mainly, I make devotional offerings from myself, and they are modest, according to my means.

Like many of you, I offer incense, flowers, jewelry. I offer the poetry I have written for Her. I offer some small treasure that I think will further beautify Her shrine.

All the Gods enjoy our sacrifices. My own experience, though, tells me that Aphrodite gets pleasure and joy from even our most humble gifts.

She surrounds Herself with grace, charm, joy, beauty, and laughter. She is a doting mother and lover who delights in giving and receiving gifts. I imagine our modest offerings to the Goddess are very much akin to a child's gifts to his mother, as a matter of fact. Oh, and how my heart sings when my own little "Eros" brings me a dandelion because it's pretty and yellow! Or my sweet "Harmonia" has drawn me a picture!

I'm never ashamed when sweet smoke is my usual Friday gift. I know She loves it and is delighted that I gave Her pleasure through scent.

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