Friday, May 7, 2010

Aphrodite Shrine Becoming a Reality

This may be one of my last "planning" posts in regards to the Aphrodite shrine that I am helping care for. I believe that I now have most (if not all) of the money together to bring all of the elements together.

We already have the beautiful rock shrine base.

I'd already decided on a lovely replica of the Medici Venus:

And now we've selected the actual arbor:

and the species of climbing roses (Blaze):

It's going to be so lovely once it's all completed. I'm so happy that I have access to land where this is possible.

All of these pieces will be in place by June 9. That is the set-up day for the Babalon Rising festival at Our Haven, and the shrine must be in order by then.


Elle Hull said...

I'm very excited for you and your Haven. It's going to be very beautiful! I look forward to pictures of when it's all finished!

thehouseofvines said...

Oh man, that is going to be an amazing shrine!

Laurelei said...

Thank you, Elle and Sannion! I can't wait for it to be in place with the roses climbing and blooming. *sigh* It'll be hard to tear me away from it, I think.

Son of Wisdom said...

Have you gotten it up yet? I am excited to see pictures!

Laurelei said...

Son of Wisdom -- I'm going out to Our Haven with all the materials this Friday! The statue is in my car -- and she's beautiful! I'm picking up the roses tomorrow and the arbor on Wednesday evening. =) I'll take my camera with me and post pics as soon as I can. (I'm excited, too.)

April said...

What a lovely sentiment! i wish you joy in creating the shrine. The statue is beautiful and i look forward to the pictures of progress. Thank you for sharing.