Sunday, May 30, 2010

Erotic Awakening Interview

A few nights ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to talk with Dan and dawn on the Erotic Awakening podcast. We chatted about my experience as a priestess of Aphrodite, sacred sexuality, my book Cult of Aphrodite and about the Babalon Rising Festival at which I'll be presenting from June 10-13.

Check it out at


antinomious said...

I saw this on your Facebook, and I'm looking forward to listening to it one day (my compy is still being repaired at Geek Squad City, and roommate's computer can basically *not* play audio/video content at all).

Son of Wisdom said...

Great interview! Thanks for sharing.

Laurelei said...

Antinomious -- Bummer about the techno-difficulties. May those resolve speedily. =)

Son of Wisdom -- Thank you so much!