Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exegete of Aphrodite for Neokoroi

I am really happy to announce in this space that my friends and peers at Neokoroi have given me the opportunity to serve in an official capacity as an "Exegete of Aphrodite." :: happy dance ::

Here is the description of an exegete within Neokoroi (copied directly from the this page):

The term exegetai (plural) was used throughout ancient Greece to refer to religious specialists. They gave advice about carrying out cultus to different gods and interpreted religious laws and customs. They also offered legal guidance to other people upon request, sometimes in law cases (particularily in ancient Athens).

Here at Neokoroi, we have a tried and tested group of religious advisors, well educated in the cultus of our gods. We do not call these exegetai "priests" because in Hellenic times, priesthood was tied to a specific temple or cult, and could be an hereditary or purchased position.

Within our organization, the exegete (singular) advises on the practices related to a specific god, or of Hellenic ritual in general. Those who wish to take on this role must be willing to be available to anyone who needs them, within reason. This includes the Hellenic pagan community beyond Neokoroi, potentially.

An exegete is NOT, however, a personal counselor or mouthpiece for the god. They are simply knowledgeable individuals who offer advice on how to recognize and interpret the actions of their deity, information on how to conduct rituals, and so forth. But always, they are simply an individual, someone whose opinion is to be respected because of their experience and contributions - but not an authority in the sense that they are above questioning and critique.

I am so pleased to serve both Aphrodite and my community in this capacity, and I have been thrilled already to talk with some members about questions relating to Aphrodite.

Khairete Neokoroi! And hail sweet Kypris!


Elle Hull said...

Congrats!! What a wonderful honour!

Laurelei said...

Thanks, Elle! I feel both honored and humbled ... and very, very grateful.