Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midwest-Southwest Tour 2011

Announcing Laurelei Black's super-fantastico tour of America's mid-section!

Okay, so truthfully, I'm going to visit my Nanny (that's "Okie" for granny) starting tomorrow. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I haven't seen her in three or four years. Shameful. Just shameful.

Then, I'll be back in Indiana for a minute and a half before heading to Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate Independence Day with Glaux and Iron Dragon. Iron Dragon's mother's birthday was on the 4th of July. She used to collect Americana decor and teased that everyone celebrated her birthday. This is the third year since she crossed the veil, and it has become the family's most important holiday together.

Either that night or the following morning, I'll be heading to Wisteria, Ohio for the 31st Starwood festival. I'm presenting 2 workshops (Creating Aphrodisia Rituals and Aphrodite's Bath: Cleansing and Creation Through Sensuality) and an Aphrodisia Ritual. Iron Dragon will be fire tending, which he's done at Starwood and Brushwood in the past. He tends fire at Our Haven all the time, but the Starwood fires are gigantic. He may be a busy boy! (I hope we'll actually get to see each other.)

I'll have one week back in Indiana before I make a return trip to Oklahoma. My second trip takes me to the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas -- the area where both my parents grew up and where I attended high school. It is very near Ft. Smith, AR., and I may even make a trip up to Fayetteville to visit some OTO Brethren there. Of course, I have a Nanny on this trip who has called dibs on visiting, so my time is going to be pretty squeezed.

July is a crazy-busy month.

Ready. Set. Go!!

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Glaux said...

Missing you already!