Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bonds of Love (a poem)

You are
steady, strong, skilled,
kind, compassionate --

You see in me the beauty you would create --
the jewel adorned by your devotion;
the love of the mother, the matron,
the mistress.

You want me
covet me
protect me
possess me
hide me
hurt me
by denying in your heart
and mind
what I AM.

You suffocate me in the
soot of your furnace
and forge iron bars for a gilt cage.

This golden band binds me to you.

But I wear the golden belt you made for me
and from it hangs the shining key,
my secret solace.

Though I love you and choose my bonds,
Hear me, Husband:

Even a beautiful cage
inspires escape
and again.

This poem is one of three that I've written that explores the relationship between Aphrodite and Hephaestus. The other two, "Alchemy" and "To Hephaestus" can be found in Crown of Violets -- and perhaps elsewhere on the on web. The current piece is actually the first that I wrote, and I am only now typing it and sharing it.

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Elle Hull said...

Heartwrenching and lovely!