Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden of Delights: A Sourcebook for Qadishti, Hierodulai and En Priestesses

Priestess card from Thoth tarot
I think it's time. Is it? Perhaps ...

In the service of nearly every Goddess of Love, there have been women (and men) who have performed sacred sexual functions.  This truth holds, even today, when sex is seemingly divorced from its sacred nature, and there are still those who serve the great Goddesses of Love through acts of love and pleasure.

I've collected material for quite some time that I believe will be of help to the women and men who choose to pursue this aspect of service to Love. Moreover, I know that my peers have developed and collected material, as well. Though perhaps none of us has enough on our own to create the perfect guidebook, we may find that together we have just such a resource.

I envision a book in which the many and diverse members of this movement share the vision and reality of the sexual priest/ess-hood, offer a treasure trove of practical and inspirational rituals, and provide practical advice for dealing with the ups and downs of life in service to Love.

This Garden of Delights may be approached by many gates and crossed by several paths, as, indeed, there is endless variety of color, texture and fragrance among each of its lovely blossoms.

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