Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mantis (a poem)

Walk in the temple
with cold, hard, swirled marble
small, warm feet.

Beyond the white barriers
black night has fallen.

candlelight glows on smooth walls
while incense burns a swirling smoky
path that I follow to the
chamber of the Lady.

Small bells and mellow drums
sound out the chant
that will bring me to Her --
bring Her to Me.

Pink petals, white feathers flutter
to the cream and silver floor
and She touches my shoulder --
a warm hand between my shoulder blades.
The sea flows to the ground
as we share
my body.

Her words drip from my honeyed lips.
Her eyes take in the beauty laid out before me.
Her ticklish fire exudes from my skin,
lighting passion and pleasure,
bonfires and hearthfires
and warm, fuzzy glows in those
SHE touches.

The glow dims and She is gone,
and only I am left with
the whisper:

"I am always here."

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