Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prism (a poem)

I once had color in my world,
the spectrum all was mine.
I burned with reds and burnished orange,
with rose and gold, I shined.

My greens were spring's awakening
and summer's heavy leaf.
My blues and purples sang of sea
and ocean's lively reef.

I danced and sang and wove them all
with beauty and with grace.
But now the task is far too hard
and I must turn my face.

When did my colors all run grey,
tinged with brown and black?
I miss the beauty of sun and sky.
I want my rainbow back.

3/10/09 Please note the date. I am currently a very happy girl. However, this is perhaps a good time to educate people a little about depression and bipolar disorder. We experience such stigma related to mental health issues, and it's time we talk more openly about our experience. I believe that my experience as a person with bipolar has enriched my life and love in many ways, but it also presents obstacles and challenges. Thank the Universe for the love and support of Glaux and IronDragon and our family!

For more info on bipolar, check out:

Mental Health Today: Bipolar Disorder Today
National Institute of Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder
National Library of Medicine: Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Education Foundation

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