Thursday, February 16, 2012

A is for Altar

I've decided to participate in the Pagan Blogging Project -- both to contribute to a cool project concept and to reanimate my own blogging efforts. I haven't been writing much of anything lately, and this is just the shot in the arm I've been looking for.

So, now I'm playing catch-up, and my first topic is ALTARS.

I thought I would go visual on this one and share some of my current altars as well as altars I've made/used in the past.

Altar to my familiar spirits

The main altar of Dragon's Eye Coven -- I made the altar top.

An Aphrodisian set-up for a Clan of the Laughing Dragon altar.

The altar and shrine to Aphrodite that I help maintain at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary.
The main altar I share with Glaux (circa 2009) -- with Mr. Jinx.

Part of our family's ancestor altar. (The adorable baby is my grandfather -- he's next to the bomber and in the wedding photo, too)

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