Friday, May 18, 2012

J- Justice #paganblogproject

As a Libra woman, Justice is an ideal that is deeply embedded in my core values. I mean DEEPLY. Obnoxiously, sometimes.

Wait. I should back up and start from the beginning, perhaps. Why would Justice matter so much to a Libra, you ask?

The constellations of the zodiac have not always been  set exactly as they are now. Space is expanding, and the stars are moving, which means that those lovely pictures have shifted a bit on us over the millenia. Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that is represented by an inanimate object -- the scales. Before we pictured those scales as independent, we saw them in the hands of the Virgin (Virgo), whose name is Astraea (or Asteria -- the Starry One).Yeah, I've written about Asteria before. She's quite important to me, too -- both as a Libran and as an Aphrodisian.

Asteria wields something else, as well -- the Sword (although as Virgo, this is always identified as an ear of corn). She is the Lady Justice.

The entry on Astraea reveals that the Ancients regarded her as the daughter of Aphrodite, which makes good and logical sense, given Aphrodite's stellar associations. It also makes good and logical sense when we consider that Libra in "ruled by" the planet Venus and is therefore under Aphrodisian influences such as a deep need for beauty, grace, harmony and romance. Librans also sincerely require Justice -- at least, this one does.

My nose gets seriously off-kilter when I sense unfairness, even when it's in my favor. I might like to be pampered -- and I do -- but I can't abide that special treatment coming at someone else's expense. My need for equality and Justice is deep-rooted, and as it turns out, it is an Aphrodisian value.

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