Thursday, June 14, 2012

K - Kyphi, Kapet #paganblogproject

Kyphi or kapet (as it was called by the Egyptians) is a sensuous and complex temple incense that is burned as a purificant and an offertory.

While many ancient recipes are extent for kyphi, as the folks at Ancient Egypt Online have noted (and compiled), there only seems to be one ingredient that is universally included in this incense type ... honey.  There are other ingredients that are *common* to the recipes (frankincense, wine, raisins), but only honey is attested in each blend. For this reason, kyphi is most logically considered a "type" of incense and not a specific blend.

I blend a kyphi. It began as an offertory incense blend, but then came the honey, making it sticky and shapeable -- and oh-so-aromatic. My blend (which was developed with my partner, Natalie) includes ingredients that are staple offerings from all over the world: honey, red wine, frankincense, myrrh, sage, tobacco, copal, sandalwood, rose petals and cocoa. It smells amazing in the container, and it is even more rich and sumptuous when burned.

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